Thursday, 22 January 2009

I HATE starting over.

This is my fourth attempt at a blog. I got my latest Livejournal account to get Tegan and Sara news and to read the work of the best writer I know (even though the author has no idea she is THAT good). I used to have a Myspace page of which I used the blog feature both successfully and regularly. Unfortunately the rest of the site turned to shit and all my friends turned to Facebook instead. I had another Livejournal account a long time ago but I didn’t like it much, nobody read it as it was all for and about a girl I was obsessing over at that stage and it was complete shit so I destroyed it.

So why am I starting over? Two reasons….

Firstly, it is for me. I love to write. Today I began working on my 100,000 word PhD thesis on political leadership due in exactly three years time. I thought to myself that I needed a place to put my other stuff that may well generate excitement or be ignored by readers. I either don’t write anything or I write a figurative truckload. I figure seeing as I’ll be writing lots for occupational purposes for an extended period that I am more likely to do additional writing. As much as I use Facebook it doesn’t have a place where I can put my leisurely discussions in a worthwhile place. Topics in this form of literary narcissism will be focused, but also varied. It will be political, it will be musical, it will be anthropological, and it will be philosophical. However, I both know and fear that many will discuss my latest obsessions, which may well turn in to some of my best work, but will most likely render your brain into utter mush.

Secondly, it is for others. Believe it or not some people have been asking for this. More specifically two people in particular who say they love my work for some strange reason. This is not about me being falsely modest. I believe that sometimes I have flashes of brilliance, sometimes I have the intellectual version of gastro intestinal disease, and more often than not I come across like the deranged fan boy that I am. Regardless, it will all be published. My writing good and bad is designed to provoke discussion both within myself and with others. Therefore I encourage comments and discussion I can envisage some of my potential readers are only too willing to satisfy that requirement. The blog will be updated according to my own personal deadlines and prerogative, sometimes often, sometimes not at all.

I’ll just see how it goes because I doubt that I’ll be inclined to start again… at least not in the short or medium terms.

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  1. Good to see you blogging again :). I've definitely missed your blogs Todd.